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Parts and Accesories:

Blackmer pumps and parts
Corken pumps and parts
Neptune meters and parts
Hannay hose reels
Chelsea power take offs
Betts vapor proof lights
Fisher LP Gas/NH 3 equipment
Rego LP Gas/NH 3 equipment
LP gas delivery hose
Forged steel fittings/schedul 80 pipe
Rochester float gauges
Reyco suspensions
Allegeny remote controls
Mid:Com electronic register
Control Chief remotes
Base remotes
Smart Hose















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We have a complete facility to build, refurbish, repair, and perform the testing and inspections required.

We specialize in MC330/331 propane gas and anhydrous ammonia transportation.

We are a D.O.T. Registered facility. D.O.T. #CT0773.

We are an authorized certificate holder to perform vessel repairs in accordance with A.S.M.E. and National Board codes.

Truck Services Include:

  • Hydrostatic pressure testing 330 and 331 vessels
  • CO2 truck and trailer testing and repair
  • Wet fluorescent magnetic particle inspections
  • Ultrasonic thickness inspections
  • Radiographic inspection service
  • Post weld heat treatment
  • Rechassis facilities for bobtails
  • Build new propane delivery units
  • Refurbish propane delivery units
  • Repairing or replacing the plumbing, pump, meter, hose, reel, remote shut downs, etc.
  • Sandblasting/painting bobtails
  • Transport repair and testing
  • Bobtail repair and testing
  • Service and installation of Control Chief, Base Engineering or Squibb Taylor remote shut-down systems
  • L/C, Mid-Com or Neptune meter repair and calibration
  • Hydraulic Drives



For current prices please call (800) 428-4011

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